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When you open an account with us your funds are safe.

Why? Because we know that you demand that we hold your money in trust for an immediate payout when you want. We maintain escrow accounts with all clients monies protected. Our auditors and the NAMIBIAn law cover this.

We have over thirty years experience in this industry and our systems have been built with maximum efficiency to ensure we have minimal running costs. Our profits will go back into the business to give you a bigger and better service.

We only have dedicated and industry aware investors, no bank financing in these risky times.

Now customers you can tell us about your needs.

What do you want for us to improve our service?

This can be anything from new sports events to a payout system specific to your country. Email us at headed "customer idea" and we promise to get back to you.


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All bets are accepted in accordance with the pstbet Betting Rules, as published on this site. Read more